About Us

Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing Authentic Japanese Ramen with A Caribbean Twist.

Roc N Ramen is breakthrough fast -casual restaurant concept serving up fresh authentic Japanese Ramen bursting with Caribbean spices in a vibrant atmosphere. Through years of perfecting recipes in the NY area, while being called the “future of ramen” by, Roc N Ramen offers healthy, delicious dishes in the fast-growing Asian quick serve niche.


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If you have dietary or allergy concerns let us know as we offer gluten free and nut free options.


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Some features of Roc-N-Ramen

Featured items on our menu with GF listed next to them are gluten free and made with rice or potato flour.

Above all our Ramen noodle dishes are the tastiest in New York!

“An explosion of flavor. Best Ramen Noodles hands down.”
Alysia Baker.

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